punk T-shirts

T-shirts inspired by the bands and culture of the 70s punk revolution

Punk - the legendary musical and cultural movement of the mid to late 70's came as a result of a stagnated music scene dominated by mainstream rock and prog-rock bands together with middle of the road solo artists.

The basic ideal of punk was to wipe out the pomp and self indulgence and get back to the point in a punchy and often fairly DIY way (Garage bands).

In the USA punk started with bands like New York's The Ramones. Meanwhile in the UK, bands including The Sex Pistols, The Clash and The Damned took punk to new heights.

Some pre-existing bands like The Stranglers and The Stooges, fitted so well into this new musical genre that they themselves were commonly rebadged as punk.

Punk untimately cleared the way for the New Wave movement that followed.


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